I'm just an other 18 year old girl with problems that even I don't understand, I am a big piece of nothing, useless and worthless and because of that I cutting myself & I could say that I don't want to do it anymore or I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm not gonna say it or do it just because you want me to.... I'm weird and I'm a little too much antisocial. I prefer stay in home than go out. Lets be friends ok? :3
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    match burning in hd and slow-motion 

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    people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

    'eat something'

    'buckle up'

    'get some sleep'

    'here have my fries'

    'Im gonna draw you something'

    "You’re a dork"

    "I fucking hate you"

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    Things I forget to do:

    • Eat
    • Shower
    • Talk to friends (or people)
    • Write down and do work

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    let’s play a game called “how much of this homework can i do in school tomorrow”

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  • its great to see this #idiot again #friend #macho #bf #bff #selfie #fun #photo

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